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A Sort of Announcement

Hello again. Well, time has passed since the completion of 30 Clubs in 30 Songs. So, what to do with it? What I’m thinking is pressing and releasing it in a physical form! Progress is slow but sure, but I hope to get it out there before the end of the postseason. Here’s the probably final album cover:


The music will not be mere replications of the original posts on this blog. Rather, I remastered all 31 tracks (boosting the volume) and fixed a bunch of the mixes. You won’t have to turn up your speakers so much AND you’ll be able to understand far more of the words! Win-Win! Here’s a sample of what I’ve done. Enjoy! And stay tuned for further updates on this process.

30 in 30 Sampler


About halfway through “30 Clubs in 30 Songs,” I got an idea for a slightly hidden track – Track 31, if you will. Since we all stand up and sing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” during baseball games, how about I get a bunch of my friends to sing the 102-year-old song on a recording? Sooo…. I did. I recorded the piano and my vocals first, then cut every other voice individually. I gave the singers two guidelines: 1) If you want to be stupid/silly in the intro, go ahead. 2) When you get to “home team”, sing whatever team you want – doesn’t have to be major leagues, doesn’t even have to be baseball, just has to exist. The ensuing chaos is too funny not to share, so here it is. Enjoy! And thank you very much to all who participated in this recording (listed below).


Piano played by Ed. Sung by The Fasano/Garces All-Star Chorus: Ed Klingenberger, Robbie Ellis, Rob Klingenberger, Adam Donnelly, Brandon Fess, Steve Begy, Tom Klingenberger, Karen Klingenberger, Tim Avery, Steve O’Riley, Molly O’Riley, Justin Rister, Leo Medler, Rachael Johnson

30 Clubs in 30 Songs: Washington

Well, we’ve reached the end. This nearly-five-month project ends with a tune that was a no-brainer in terms of both music and lyrics. As the baseball freaks know, this team moved to D.C. from Montreal and they now have their Pitching Ace Of The Future. Sure, he needs TOMMY JOHN SURGERY right now, but he clearly proved his stripes before his elbow gave way. Merry Strasmas, indeed.

As for the music, there was only one place to go. I channeled the DC Hardcore scene (a la Minor Threat and Bad Brains) and wrote a simple tune and played it just a little too fast. The recording process for this song proved to be a pretty good endurance test, particularly on the drums… The ending is also in tribute to Bad Brains, who repeatedly diverged into reggae from punk during the course of their career.

All in all, this has been a pretty wild ride. Thank you for listening and I hope you enjoy this tune as well as the previous 29.


There you have it. 30 Clubs in 30 Songs. It’s all over… OR IS IT?! Tune in Friday to find out!

30 Clubs in 30 Songs: Toronto

Aaahh, Toronto. Haven’t been in a while, but I like that city. I’ve never been to that ballpark, either, but most people I’ve talked to seem to hate it, so I guess I’m not missing too much. Either way, this song is about that park… mainly because it was SO FRIGGIN’ COOL when it first opened (“The first baseball stadium with a retractable roof! Awesome!”). I also refer to the place by its original name ’cause they renamed it a few years ago.

I had a vague idea on where this tune should go from a musical standpoint. There have been so many good bands out of Toronto, but Rush is by far their biggest musical export. Sooo… mostly instrumental tune rife with time changes, bad Geddy Lee impression, a drum solo, and some musical morse code? Check, check, check, and check. But then Drew (from the most excellent blog Ghostrunner on First) mentioned Broken Social Scene and my friend Leo mentioned Barenaked Ladies… so I worked hints of both bands into the track. Overall, it was a pain to record… and completely worth the trouble. Enjoy!


Next up: Washington (Tuesday), SECRET HIDDEN THING (Next Friday)

30 in 30 Off-Days: New York, Part 2 (Instrumental)

I like this whole “Tuesday and Friday” posting schedule here. HOWEVER, since posting two songs a week would end this project far earlier than it should, I have decided to post some random extra tracks on the weeks where I only post one song. This series of posts, called “Off-Days”, will highlight all sorts of stuff. Different mixes, previews of upcoming songs, music completely unrelated to 30 in 30… it’ll all be in here.

I must concede that I am now highly conflicted when it comes to this team. I’ve never liked them – my brother and I used to joke that our favorite team was “whoever is playing them” – but some of my best friends are fans of theirs AND they gave me one of my favorite tunes from the entire project. The team is almost – *gasp* – likable now, too, so I don’t know what to do with myself. Here’s their tune again, without the words. I like the “through-composed” nature of this song. I kinda liked the heavy feel without them, but the synth string and organ parts I programmed in really took the recording to the next level.

New York, Part 2 (Instrumental)

30 Clubs in 30 Songs: Texas

This was a fun one for me. Knowing the exact city where this team plays (Arlington, just outside of Dallas), the tune here was molded after Pantera, one of my favorite bands when I was in high school. For the music, I threw in a solo like they usually did on their albums (no rhythm guitar part – just solo-bass-drums) and wrote a very active riff a la “5 Minutes Alone” for the chorus (That’s the part a lot of “groove metal” bands forget. They just kinda go “chunk cha-chunk chunk” and overlook the fact that those guys had some pretty serious chops). Oddly enough, this song proved to be more difficult to play on bass than guitar…

When it came to the lyrics and vocals, I must concede that I can’t sing/yell like Phil, so I didn’t even try. I still have a few entries left in this project and I kinda need my vocal cords for them, ya know? Instead, the Pantera-ness was focused on the words themselves. This is a song about “hey, look – this team is good now,” but I made sure to talk tough and use the word “power” a lot (you’d be surprised how often that word shows up in their songs). Overall, I’m very pleased with the results and I hope you enjoy this tribute to a band that completely blew away my teenage ears.


Next up: Toronto (Next Friday), Washington (The following week)

30 Clubs in 30 Songs: Tampa Bay

Alternate post title: “And Now For Something Completely Different”

This track is fueled by probably one of the most astonishing musical discoveries I made even before this project began. Believe it or not, most of the pioneering death metal acts – Death, Deicide, Morbid Angel, and Six Feet Under, to name a few – are from the Tampa Bay area. I threw in the essence of Tampa-based power metal band Iced Earth and I had myself a solid idea. This was a taxing track to record, particularly on the drums (I hadn’t written anything calling for blast beats until recently), but the end result is totally worth the trouble. The “synth pad” buried in the mix at the end is no pad – that’s three tracks of me singing harmonies in falsetto.

The lyrics are a bit of a mish-mash. Instead of one big idea, I took a few small things and worked them into the overall picture. Cowbells (“Your sentence: death by cowbell”), the catwalks in the field of play, and The Thunderdome (the stadium’s name when Tampa’s NHL team played in it). Throw in some evil sounding words – grime, suffer, judgement, punishment – and you got yourself some death metal! Enjoy the madness.

Tampa Bay

Next up: Texas (Friday), Toronto (Next Week)

30 in 30 Off-Days: Cleveland (Campfire Mix)

Today is a special Off-Days post. This would be posted tomorrow, but I’m gonna be out of town, so Thursday it is!

I like this whole “Tuesday and Friday” posting schedule here. HOWEVER, since posting two songs a week would end this project far earlier than it should, I have decided to post some random extra tracks on the weeks where I only post one song. This series of posts, called “Off-Days”, will highlight all sorts of stuff. Different mixes, previews of upcoming songs, music completely unrelated to 30 in 30… it’ll all be in here.

One of the nice things about St. Louis – besides the drastic change of musical pace and the fact that they got into a big ol’ brawl the day I posted it – is that it provides a sort of companion piece for Cleveland, 30 in 30’s first heavily acoustic tune. Because Cleveland is in that sorta folk-country-rawhide style, I decided to reduce the mix to a more “campfire” style – acoustic guitars, shaker, and vocals. Enjoy! (And please pass the marshmallows)

Cleveland (Campfire Mix)

30 Clubs in 30 Songs: St. Louis

Hello there. Usually, today would be the “off-days” post and this song would show up on Friday. BUT, since I’m going out of town this weekend, the “schedule” is reversed this week! And, in this case, the timing couldn’t be any better. Just last night, a Cincinnati player got the St. Louis manager all riled up and angry with the baseball quote of the season: “They’re little bitches, all of ’em.” For me, the best part is I wrote this song about the manager and his legendary Angry Manager Face. It’s almost like I planned this…

…But how to set it to music? I narrowed it down to two options: Either really uptempo punk/metal shouting “Angry Manager Face!” or all acoustic-style asking “What’s with the face?” Since I know what direction I want to take for the project’s last four songs (here’s a hint: consider this track the calm before the storm), I actually went with the latter. No drum set (cajon, shaker, and a cymbal played with brushes), a little bit of slide guitar, and here we are. Enjoy the musical (your favorite off-speed pitch goes here).

St. Louis

Next up: Tampa Bay (Tuesday), Texas (Friday)

30 Clubs in 30 Songs: Seattle

Well, it’s time to wrap up the West Coast (the last five teams are in either the Eastern or Central time zones) with a fun little ditty from Seattle. The music here was an absolute no-brainer. There are three absurdly important bands to my generation (teenagers in the ’90s) from Seattle: Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden. I went after the latter two here (Pearl Jam sits the best in my voice range, but the end of the song is pure Soundgarden – the closing riff is in 5 and the next to last measure is in 7).

As for the lyrics: What is there to talk about with Seattle’s baseball team these days? Griffey retired during the season, Lee has already been traded away, and they have one of the worst records in baseball. Besides Ichiro and Felix, it’d be a real stretch to come up with something if their everyday center fielder (Gutierrez) didn’t have one of the coolest nicknames ever. Thanks to that nickname – “Death to Flying Things” – this song is about him. Enjoy!


Next up: St. Louis (Tuesday), Tampa (Next Tuesday)