30 Clubs in 30 Songs: Washington

Well, we’ve reached the end. This nearly-five-month project ends with a tune that was a no-brainer in terms of both music and lyrics. As the baseball freaks know, this team moved to D.C. from Montreal and they now have their Pitching Ace Of The Future. Sure, he needs TOMMY JOHN SURGERY right now, but he clearly proved his stripes before his elbow gave way. Merry Strasmas, indeed.

As for the music, there was only one place to go. I channeled the DC Hardcore scene (a la Minor Threat and Bad Brains) and wrote a simple tune and played it just a little too fast. The recording process for this song proved to be a pretty good endurance test, particularly on the drums… The ending is also in tribute to Bad Brains, who repeatedly diverged into reggae from punk during the course of their career.

All in all, this has been a pretty wild ride. Thank you for listening and I hope you enjoy this tune as well as the previous 29.


There you have it. 30 Clubs in 30 Songs. It’s all over… OR IS IT?! Tune in Friday to find out!

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