About halfway through “30 Clubs in 30 Songs,” I got an idea for a slightly hidden track – Track 31, if you will. Since we all stand up and sing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” during baseball games, how about I get a bunch of my friends to sing the 102-year-old song on a recording? Sooo…. I did. I recorded the piano and my vocals first, then cut every other voice individually. I gave the singers two guidelines: 1) If you want to be stupid/silly in the intro, go ahead. 2) When you get to “home team”, sing whatever team you want – doesn’t have to be major leagues, doesn’t even have to be baseball, just has to exist. The ensuing chaos is too funny not to share, so here it is. Enjoy! And thank you very much to all who participated in this recording (listed below).


Piano played by Ed. Sung by The Fasano/Garces All-Star Chorus: Ed Klingenberger, Robbie Ellis, Rob Klingenberger, Adam Donnelly, Brandon Fess, Steve Begy, Tom Klingenberger, Karen Klingenberger, Tim Avery, Steve O’Riley, Molly O’Riley, Justin Rister, Leo Medler, Rachael Johnson

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