30 in 30 Off-Days: New York, Part 2 (Instrumental)

I like this whole “Tuesday and Friday” posting schedule here. HOWEVER, since posting two songs a week would end this project far earlier than it should, I have decided to post some random extra tracks on the weeks where I only post one song. This series of posts, called “Off-Days”, will highlight all sorts of stuff. Different mixes, previews of upcoming songs, music completely unrelated to 30 in 30… it’ll all be in here.

I must concede that I am now highly conflicted when it comes to this team. I’ve never liked them – my brother and I used to joke that our favorite team was “whoever is playing them” – but some of my best friends are fans of theirs AND they gave me one of my favorite tunes from the entire project. The team is almost – *gasp* – likable now, too, so I don’t know what to do with myself. Here’s their tune again, without the words. I like the “through-composed” nature of this song. I kinda liked the heavy feel without them, but the synth string and organ parts I programmed in really took the recording to the next level.

New York, Part 2 (Instrumental)

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