The Hockey Project

During the course of the 2013-14 hockey season, I wrote a song every other week just kinda talking about whatever I felt like discussing. Oddly enough, this led to some personal-ish songs as I attended two games in December that both turned out to be pretty special. Go figure, huh? Like my usual projects, this one is pretty heavy overall with some exceptions. Here is every song in one handy-dandy chronological list. Enjoy!

Drop it Already

Anatomy of a Match Penalty

Allright, That’s It

Now What

Dead By December

It’s Cold Out

Et Le Butt

Scary Numbers Take Over The World


Time Zones Make My Head Hurt

Pardon The Patriotism

The Rental



Outraged By The Outrageous Outrage

Eight Remain

Campbell and Wales Get Overlooked Again

You Can Put It In The Win Column!

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