30 Clubs in 30 Songs: Seattle

Well, it’s time to wrap up the West Coast (the last five teams are in either the Eastern or Central time zones) with a fun little ditty from Seattle. The music here was an absolute no-brainer. There are three absurdly important bands to my generation (teenagers in the ’90s) from Seattle: Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden. I went after the latter two here (Pearl Jam sits the best in my voice range, but the end of the song is pure Soundgarden – the closing riff is in 5 and the next to last measure is in 7).

As for the lyrics: What is there to talk about with Seattle’s baseball team these days? Griffey retired during the season, Lee has already been traded away, and they have one of the worst records in baseball. Besides Ichiro and Felix, it’d be a real stretch to come up with something if their everyday center fielder (Gutierrez) didn’t have one of the coolest nicknames ever. Thanks to that nickname – “Death to Flying Things” – this song is about him. Enjoy!


Next up: St. Louis (Tuesday), Tampa (Next Tuesday)

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