30 Clubs in 30 Songs: Minnesota

I don’t really have a favorite baseball team. I have to cross a border to see the geographically closest MLB team to my hometown and the teams I get on TV every day are both New York teams (friggin’ BARF). But, if I absolutely had to pick a favorite team, I think I would go with Minnesota. They’re kinda fun to watch, they always find a way to contend, and thanks to the minor league team that plays here, I got to watch about half of the roster play before they made it to the bigs. How awesome is that?

The twin cities have a fascinating pop music history. Thanks to the area’s very wide-ranging contributions to popular music, this tune could have taken a host of directions. In retrospect, it might have been fun to go Bob Dylan on this, but I decided to keep up with the vibe of most of the project and I went with the vicinit seminal punk band – Hüsker Dü. As a result, the track is a little raw and deliberately left unpolished. As for lyrics: Since the two big star batters for Minnesota have the same first and last initials, I made sure that every other word started with either “J” (first) or “M” (last). Sure, the finished song makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, but this was an extremely fun and challenging exercise nonetheless… and in a nod to a more modern Minnesota band, I used some big words a la Motion City Soundtrack. Enjoy!


Up next: New York (Part 1 Tuesday, Part 2 Next Friday)

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