Join The Fun!

Hey all, I got an idea for a Track 31 to 30 Clubs in 30 Songs. The idea is simple: Wouldn’t it be awesome if I did a very well-known baseball song and got as many people as possible in on it? This is where  you, the reader, come into play. Can you sing? Doesn’t matter. If you want to join in on the fun, make the jump and I’ll tell you how.

First, download the bed track provided here. Ballgame Bed

Start up a new session in your favorite recording software with the following relevant settings:

  • Tempo: 170 bpm
  • Meter: 3/4
  • Key: C Major

In GarageBand, the “New Project” window should look something like THIS.

Record yourself singing. In place of “home team”, use whatever team you like. Doesn’t have to be major leagues, doesn’t even have to be baseball. It just has to exist. Wanna root for, say, the Cowboys or the Penguins? Fine by me. No fantasy teams, though – nobody cares abut your fantasy team.

After you record yourself, mix the track down from the same starting point as the bed but WITHOUT the bed itself. You can either mute the bed or solo your voice – either one will work. In GarageBand, that will look like THIS or THIS.

When you’re done, email the results to Please include your full name (so I can give you proper credit) and a site for me to link, if you have one.

Thank you, and have fun!

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