30 Clubs in 30 Songs: New York, Part 1

It’s New York Week! Like Chicago and Los Angeles, New York gets two songs for its two teams. The first song is for the NL team, who plays in the lone borough I’ve never visited (unless a layover in JFK Airport counts). I’m not a big fan of the team, but I watch them on TV a lot for two simple reasons. They’re on my local cable and they have one of the better broadcasting crews in the bigs. I tried not to be mean-spirited in this tune, but the lyrics wound up being really cynical instead… which I guess is kind of appropriate for this team.

Like the second Los Angeles tune, this was a near-Option Paralysis scenario. So much good music from which to choose! Luckily, this one was solved a little easier when my friend Brandon pointed out the late ’80s/early ’90s NYC hardcore scene. SOOO… I searched for Madball, Pro-Pain, and Sick Of It All on YouTube and presto. Admittedly, I was pretty surprised by how much a lot of that stuff grooved… but hey, go with what works, right?

New York, Part 1: Amazin’

Next up: New York, Part 2 (Friday), Oakland (Next Friday)

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