30 in 30 Off-Days: Chicago, Part 1 (Acoustic)

I like this whole “Tuesday and Friday” posting schedule here. HOWEVER, since posting two songs a week would end this project far earlier than it should, I have decided to post some random extra stuff on the weeks where I only post one song. This series of posts, called “Off-Days”, will highlight all sorts of stuff. Different mixes, previews of upcoming songs, music completely unrelated to 30 in 30… it’ll all be in here.

Instead of the usual Off-Days fare like the first three iterations, here’s a brand new recording! Recently, I picked up a nice little condenser microphone (first heard in this project on the vocals for Houston) and wanted to try it on something other than my voice. Combine that with hearing a slow/sad/acoustic version of the first Chicago song in my head and I had myself an excuse to goof off one afternoon and post the results here. So… here it is! Chicago, Part 1, reduced to its bare essentials – Intro, chorus, ending. Consider it a reprise, if you will.

Chicago, Part 1 (Acoustic)

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