30 Clubs in 30 Songs: Los Angeles, Part 2

It’s Los Angeles week! Like Chicago, LA gets two songs for its two teams. The second song is for the NL team, who moved cross-country in the late 1950s and maintains a rich history and a solid fanbase… even if it doesn’t look like it when their home games start. I have nothing against the team – for the record, VIN SCULLY IS THE MAN – but I couldn’t resist writing about the fans’ reputation of arriving late and leaving early…

I initially wasn’t sure where to go in terms of music with this one. Call it an option paralysis sorta thing – So many good choices for LA-based music that I couldn’t decide! Luckily, the decision was made clear after spending some time thinking about the team. Something about them seems “stuck in the ’80s” to me for some odd reason, so I channeled my inner Van Halen (without the green M&Ms, sadly) and went arena rock/hair metal. Aaawww yeah… If I only had the high tenor voice and/or the synthesizer – then it REALLY could have been authentic! Either way, I’m quite pleased with the results. Enjoy!

Los Angeles, Part 2: Blue

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