30 Clubs in 30 Songs: Florida

As a baseball fan, I’m conflicted when it comes to Florida. On one hand, they’re a young team with loads of potential to do some serious damage in the NL. But on the other hand, the way the team has been run in most of its history – crying poverty and holding fire sales after both championships, holding the area hostage for a new stadium a few years after the same owner killed the Montreal Expos – bothers me to no end. Oh well – gotta take the bad with the good, I suppose. This track “won” the poor attendance lyric line I had from day one: “Come to the ballpark, get a row to yourself.”

Musically, I was stumped on this one for a little while… until I discovered that one of the best prog-metal bands on the planet – CYNIC – was formed in Miami. Sooo… a little mambo at the beginning mixed with some math metal and we’re good to go! This was a serious challenge to put together, but the end result is definitely worth it for me. Please to enjoy the weirdness.


Next up: Houston (Friday), Kansas City (Next Friday)

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