30 Clubs in 30 Songs: Detroit

Detroit is a city with a rich and fascinating pop music history. But, when it came time to write this song, a band not from the area was the first one to pop up in my mind. Why, you ask? The answer is quite simple – “Detroit Rock City.” So, I went for a Kiss-style sound on this one (For the record, Kiss formed in New York). I would’ve channeled Alice Cooper (who actually is from Detroit), but baseball really isn’t all that creepy/spooky to begin with…

The song is mainly about the big tiger statue right outside one of the entrances to the stadium, with the phrase “party in the park” (that was the first written lyric) littered all over the chorus. I recorded this tune in a manner of hours and I like the raw feel here. It accentuates the party vibe to me – loud, raucous, and only here to have a good time.


Next up: Florida (Tuesday), Houston (Next Friday)

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