30 Clubs in 30 Songs: Houston

This tune here practically wrote itself. Music, melodies, harmonies, subject matter… it all came together quite naturally. The “local flavor” was a no-brainer: Houston rock is ZZ Top and King’s X first and foremost. Both bands hit pretty hard and groove like crazy, but I leaned far more towards King’s X in the song’s details (Drop-D tuning, three-part vocal harmonies). Nothing against ZZ Top – they’re friggin’ great – but King’s X is one of my favorite bands, so they kinda took precedence, you know?

In terms of the subject matter: This team is bad. Really bad. They weren’t always this bad – they won an NL pennant just five years ago! However, they seem to be still using the blueprint on building their team from 2005… and unfortunately for them, Jeff Bagwell and Craig Biggio are not walking through that door anytime soon. I wrote these lyrics with this in mind… though in retrospect, I should’ve thrown in a line about Biggio getting plunked. Anyways, enjoy!


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