The Hockey Project: Outraged By The Outrageous Outrage

Ah yes, nothing like some good ol’ unfinished business. For those of you who don’t know, I occasionally enjoy writing music about sports. Typically, it’s been either baseball or football, but last season I finally decided to undergo a hockey project. The idea was to write a song every two weeks for the regular season and one for each playoff round, giving me eighteen total tracks. For some odd reason, I wrote and recorded the four playoff tunes (except for the vocals on the last one, which I’ll get to in the coming week or so) and shelved them. Well, now that it’s hockey playoff time again, I’m going to finish those tracks and release them this year! Starting… NOW.

Outraged By The Outrageous Outrage

This tune is about the thing I dislike the most in sports – they’re taken WAY too seriously. Everything is SUPER IMPORTANT and if something even remotely controversial happens, well, look out ’cause there’s a storm a-brewin’ – especially online. This song is written from the perspective of one of those dudes.

Musically, this one is driven by my love for both djent and speed metal. The song’s arc from “driving double kick” to “groove first, chops later” to “syncopated” really helped the lyrics out in this case. Also, the guitar tone changes here because this is when I started double-miking my amplifier. If you have a condenser microphone that can handle high sound pressure levels, I highly recommend it. Finally, if you listen not too closely, you’ll hear a callback to “Anatomy of a Match Penalty”. Enjoy, let me know what you think, and I’ll see you in the next round.

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