The Hockey Project: Eight Remain

Well, that was quick. Feels like Round Two just started and it could be ending in the next few days. Guess it’s time to post the next Hockey Project tune, huh? This is a song with a simple lyrical idea to compliment music that’s anything but simple.

Eight Remain

Lyrically, I wrote about reaching the second round of the playoffs and otherwise just kinda threw words together and pretended to be serious. The part I was unsure about until my friend Adam heard it and burst out laughing was the “well, congratulations” background vocal line. The doubling, combined with the lower register, makes it sound incredibly sarcastic which I like a lot.

Musically, this is another case of “Ed Likes Progressive Rock, Part X”. At the time I wrote this song, I had recently seen The Safety Fire live and was in a massive kick with that band (If you’ve never heard them and like super-intricate guitar work, then definitely check them out). That kick helped me write the first distorted riff – one of the more difficult riffs in my catalog. Position changes and string jumps give it an extremely high margin for error. The song is also mostly in seven, because I like using seven and it had been a while. Enjoy, let me know what you think, and I’ll see you next time.

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