The Hockey Project: You Can Put It In The Win Column!

We made it! Eight months (and a strange year-long hiatus) later, we’ve finally reached the end of The Hockey Project. So what better way to end it than with its longest song? I thought so, too.

You Can Put It In The Win Column!

A quick word on the title: I used to listen to a lot of hockey games on streaming audio after work or after Sabres games were over, typically leaning towards the western Canadian teams. I was never a big Flames, Oilers, or Canucks fan, but those radio guys always seemed to call a good game. This song title is what longtime Flames radio announcer Peter Maher said after every Flames win. Obviously, that phrase stuck with me.

Lyrically, this one serves mostly as a wrap-up of the whole project, complete with a section of complaints and a clean section written from the perspective of that guy whose job is to watch over the Stanley Cup. Like usual, I started with the singing sections first, then went to the harsh vocals. I always cut the singing parts first whenever I make a song like this. Seems easier on the voice that way…

Musically, this one was definitely fun to make. I really like the dynamic contrast that the middle section provides – one good way to ramp up the intensity in metal is to back off for a while. The last thing recorded for the whole project was the keyboard parts – a last-minute addition after I thought “you know, this track is missing something” after I finished the vocals. That included a rarity for me – a keyboard solo. And to think I played it on a two-octave MIDI controller…

Whew! I think that covers everything. Enjoy, let me know what you think, and I’ll see you next time. Meanwhile, I’ll be over here thinking about the next project…

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