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I Don’t Wanna Hang Out With You

Here’s a thing I made!

I thought I’d try my hand at a lyric video…

Originally the B-side to “I Wanna Go Outside”, this is also one of the few Distinct Kicking Motion songs I’ve had the chance to play live. Check it out, hope you like it, and let me know what you think!


NEW ALBUM! Distinct Kicking Motion – Greatest Hits

Surprise! Today, I’m releasing a new album! Here’s a video about it AND a link to the Bandcamp page.

This is Distinct Kicking Motion’s first non-concept album, 14 tracks long and spanning a decade of my songwriting catalog. The oldest song on this album dates all the way back to 2006 and the newest was written in 2016. I’ve been sitting on this album for a while, debating wether or not to make physical copies, but I decided to release it online anyway. It’ll be wherever else you like to stream and download your music in the coming days (links to those will be in the video’s description). Thanks for reading and listening and I hope you enjoy! See you next week with the final song from the Laryngitis EP.

Edmas 2017: Christmas In 8 Minutes (And 9 Seconds)

santaball.png At long last, the wait is over. Time for this year’s Christmas EP! I was more prepared than usual this time around – This year’s songs were actually picked last year. Since I enjoyed the themed batch then, I decided to do it again this year (and next year, too – you’ll find out then). This year’s theme: Presents. Three of the four songs have “I Want” in the title and the fourth is the old chestnut that I somehow hadn’t touched until this, the tenth(!) batch. All the hallmarks are here, just waiting for you to find them. Enjoy!

I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas

All I Want for Christmas Is You

All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth

The 12 Days of Christmas

Recorded and mixed at The ‘Berger Joint, Rochester, NY, November 2017. Additional vocals/yelling in “All I Want for Christmas Is You” and “The 12 Days of Christmas”: Ed, Rob Klingenberger, Sarah Klingenberger, Adam Donnelly, and Brandon Fess.

Distinct Hitting Motion: Break Time

We’re halfway through already? Dang… let’s take a breather and enjoy the all-star festivities.

Oh, right. A song about taking a break probably shouldn’t be that fast, should it? Oops…

I had been thinking a lot about fast and loud music lately, from Slayer to Sick of It All, and that’s how this tune came about. Loud, fast, sloppy, and brash as all hell. For all the times I’ve used harsh vocals in the past, this is strangely enough the first song in this project where I don’t actually sing. I don’t fully know where September and October will take me, but there’s a good chance this might be the only song in this project with only yelling/harsh vocals. So why this time? Simply because the tune’s punk/hardcore/metal vibe called for it.

As always, thank you for listening! Feel free to share and let me know what you think. Have a good week and come on back in two weeks for a new song in a completely different style!

Distinct Hitting Motion: Doubleheader

It’s the spring! Flowers bloom, grass starts to grow, leaves some back, and baseball season starts. Unfortunately, this spring has also given us rain. Lots and lots of rain. So much rain that as of this post (Memorial Day 2017), my hometown Rochester Red Wings have been rained out nine times. Nine times! How in the world are they gonna make up all of those rainouts? Through one of the things I love about baseball – doubleheaders!

Because minor league doubleheaders are shortened to seven innings, I decided to write a shorter song (clocking in at about a minute and a half), throw in some dead time on the organ, then play the song again. I did physically play and sing the song twice, though. Copying and pasting would’ve felt like cheating and not every baseball game is the same, so playing the song twice felt right. I also didn’t show the organ or the voiceover in the video because you usually can’t see the announcer or the organist in a ballpark.

As always, thank you for listening! Feel free to share and let me know what you think. Have a good day and I’ll see you in two weeks with a new song!

Distinct Hitting Motion: That’s Gonna Leave a Mark…

Baseball players. They seem to have a reputation as the “everyman” of athletes. I know they did when I was younger (in the 1980s and 1990s (get off my lawn)), and I guess it just kinda stuck with me. So, as a result, sometimes they hurt themselves in amazing and hilarious ways. That’s the simple premise of this song.

This song was 100% inspired by the news of Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner landing on the disabled list after injuring himself in a dirt bike accident. I then looked up an old blog post about injuries of that ilk and it helped me write the second verse – yes, every single thing I mention is true.

The chorus – music and words – just kinda popped up at the same time. The song was written in two separate quick sessions… and a re-write during recording because I learned almost too late that MLB replaced the 15-day disabled list with the 10-day DL this year.

The final piece was my cousin Steve objecting to my pointing out of a guy who threw out his back sneezing. I mean, that can happen to anybody, right?

As always, thank you for listening! Feel free to share and let me know what you think. Enjoy your day and I’ll see you in two weeks with a new song!


Edmas 2016: Christmas In 11 Minutes (And 24 Seconds)

santaball.pngWell, it’s that time of year again, isn’t it?! This year gives us the new longest batch I’ve ever done (over a full minute longer than 2014) and a theme – songs from movies and TV shows. This theme meant I wound up playing the most difficult tunes I’ve ever tackled in these annual holiday projects – I have the charts and the Guitar Pro file to prove it. The end result, though, was well worth the effort. The annual “traditions” are all there, though the layered guitar bit is a little different this time around. Enjoy!

Christmas Vacation

What’s This

Linus And Lucy

You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch

Recorded and mixed at The House, Rochester, NY, November 2016. Mike’s contributions recorded at Sukhenko Design, Rochester, NY. Guitar noodling/solo and line reciting in “Christmas Vacation”: Mike Sukhenko. Additional vocals/yelling in “What’s This”: Ed, Steve Begy, Kate Begy, Adam Donnelly, and Eric “Irk” Bryan. Additional vocals/yelling in “You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch”: Ed, Steve Begy, Kate Begy, Adam Donnelly, Eric “Irk” Bryan, Mike Sukhenko, Rob Klingenberger, and Sarah Klingenberger. Grover in “You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch”: Steve Begy.






Edmas 2015: Christmas in 7 Minutes

santaball.pngWell, judging by the calendar on my computer, it’s about that time of year again. MORE CHRISTMAS RECORDINGS! This is my eighth year in a row making these little EPs and it’s been fun every time. This year, though, I made this batch a lot earlier than usual. I guess it was a subconscious decision to make December as stress-free as possible… But hey – I’m not complaining. The standard “traditions” are all in place, including the new gang vocal bit. We took that to the next level this year – twenty-three people pitched in. Enjoy!

Do You Hear What I Hear

Little Saint Nick

Last Christmas

Here Comes Santa Claus

Recorded and mixed at The House, Rochester, NY, Oct-Nov 2015. Additional vocals/yelling recorded by Ed at NCCC Room F112, Sanborn, NY. Additional vocals/yelling on “Last Christmas” and “Here Comes Santa Claus”: Ed, Rob Klingenberger, Sarah Klingenberger, Steve Begy, Kate Begy, Adam Donnelly, Brandon Fess, Jillian Sherwin, Eric “Irk” Bryan, Morgan Brader, Maria Fabiano, Zachary McDonnell, Matt Sawyer, Mike Fortin, Zachary Kronenwetter, Nathan McCrea, Chris La Greca, Andrea Lynch, Courtney Pearson, Jeremy Schlierf, Jake Butcher, Mat Mondo, Scott Woodean, Jesse Johnston.

Edmas 2013: Christmas in 6 Minutes (And 8 Seconds)

santaball.pngWell, here we are again. Another calendar year has gone by, sooo… MORE CHRISTMAS SONGS! This year’s batch is a nice mix of secular and sacred with lots of twists and just as many guest spots. But, since we can’t just ignore traditions, all of mine are in place – the “way too fast” song, the harmonized guitar lead, “holy crap”, and even that awesome crashing sound. This batch also marked a first for me – I had never recorded a slamming door until now. Overall, this was a fun set to make and I’m happy with the results. Enjoy!

Angels From The Realms Of Glory

Blue Christmas

Joy To The World

I’ll Be Home For Christmas

Recorded and mixed at The House, Rochester, NY, Nov-Dec 2013. Piano on “Blue Christmas” by Rob Klingenberger. Additional vocals/yelling on “Joy to the World” and “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” by Rob Klingenberger, Sarah Peangatelli, and Steve Begy.

Edmas 2012: Christmas in 5 Minutes (And 26 Seconds)

santaball.pngWell, friends, it’s that time of year again. It’s Christmas time… and most of you know what that means. Yes, it’s time for me to dust off the ol’ Christmas music book and skewer four more songs! This year’s batch is one of the shortest I’ve ever done, only longer than the first real batch I did with Mike Huurman in 2008. Unlike last year, though, I’m way ahead of the game this time around, so I’ll update this blog with more detailed descriptions of these tracks. In the meantime, though, here’s the entire EP, free to download, in one convenient spot. Enjoy!

All of my Christmas recording traditions are here, including the harmonized guitar lead and the “holy crap” sound file… twice! This year provided its own set of unique challenges, though. Since I now live in an apartment in central Ohio, I could not use real drums this time – these drums are all as a result of Toontrack programs. Everything else is real. This batch also has a first for these things – a guest guitar solo! My friend Mike Sukhenko played the solo in “Winter Wonderland”. Thanks, Mike!

Winter Wonderland

Jolly Old St. Nicholas

Carol of the Bells

Home For the Holidays

Instrument recording and Drum programming by Ed at Thea Partment, Columbus, OH, November 2012. Vocals recorded at The House, Rochester, NY November 23-24 2012. Additional vocals on “Winter Wonderland” by Rob Klingenberger. Guitar solo on “Winter Wonderland” by Mike Sukhenko. Mike’s solo recorded in Rochester, NY. Mixed at Thea Partment, Columbus, OH.