Distinct Hitting Motion: Doubleheader

It’s the spring! Flowers bloom, grass starts to grow, leaves some back, and baseball season starts. Unfortunately, this spring has also given us rain. Lots and lots of rain. So much rain that as of this post (Memorial Day 2017), my hometown Rochester Red Wings have been rained out nine times. Nine times! How in the world are they gonna make up all of those rainouts? Through one of the things I love about baseball – doubleheaders!

Because minor league doubleheaders are shortened to seven innings, I decided to write a shorter song (clocking in at about a minute and a half), throw in some dead time on the organ, then play the song again. I did physically play and sing the song twice, though. Copying and pasting would’ve felt like cheating and not every baseball game is the same, so playing the song twice felt right. I also didn’t show the organ or the voiceover in the video because you usually can’t see the announcer or the organist in a ballpark.

As always, thank you for listening! Feel free to share and let me know what you think. Have a good day and I’ll see you in two weeks with a new song!

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