The Hockey Project: Intermission

Hello again. We’ve reached the ninth tune for The Hockey Project. Halfway home! Now, I know there should be two of these “intermission” tracks at around tracks six and twelve, but TOO BAD.

Lyrically, well… there are no words. Literally. It’s an instrumental!

I’ve always enjoyed the nice little acoustic-style songs in the middle of metal albums. It’s always good to mix things up every so often, you know? I don’t play acoustic guitar often, either, so this excursion was even more worthwhile for me. I started with a favorite alternate tuning – DADGAD – then tuned string 1 back up to E to make the middle part easier to play. So, uh… DADGAE it is! It’s not as fun to say as DADGAD, but it still worked well. Since it’s a quick little song, I simply set up my stereo condenser microphone, hit “record”, and played it multiple times. What you’re hearing is the third complete take.


Enjoy and I’ll see you next time with a return to rock form.

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