The Hockey Project: Time Zones Make My Head Hurt

Hello again. After that nice little intermission, The Hockey Project returns to the rock for this song. Lyrically, this one is simply about the start of the olympic break and the fact that the hockey tournament’s late games started at noon in my time zone. Thanks, nine-hour time difference!

From a musical standpoint, this song was definitely an experiment. I flipped my usual 5/8 pattern in the verses (from “2-3” to “3-2”), flipped the standard “3 vs. 4” rhythm so that the note I cut short is at the start of the riff instead of the end, and kinda went off the deep end in the bridge. Why? Because I can. Oddly enough, I think this all turned out really well… probably because it’s just under three minutes long.

Time Zones Make My Head Hurt

Enjoy and I’ll see you next time with a song that’s both shorter and dumber. It’ll be great!

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