The Hockey Project: Scary Numbers Take Over The World

Allright, time for a little fun. Lyrically, this one is tailored to hockey but could easily be about baseball. In fact, you only need to change one word to make that happen – swap out “Corsi” for “OPS” and there you go! At any rate, I guess this song is a sort of battle cry for stat geeks. Old fart sports guys may bemoan the rise of numbers, but good fancy stats never hurt anyone.

One metal sub genre that has always fascinated me is grindcore. I’ve never been really good at it – I’ll admit the drums are programmed here because I can’t play blast beats particularly well – and I don’t have a lot of it in my music collection either, but it still fascinated me nonetheless. I think it’s an excellent testament to how much you can do in as little time as possible. Sure enough, I was able to fit three time changes (starts in 4, switches to 7, followed by one measure of 2 which goes back into 4), a tempo change (the last riff is slightly slower than the rest of the song), and a fully developed idea… all in 45 seconds.

Lastly, Puig Destroyer was a big influence on this one. If they can do baseball grindcore and make it work (and holy crap do they make it work), then hockey had to be possible.

Scary Numbers Take Over The World

P.S.: Since I intentionally made the lyrics hard to understand, here they are:

Numbers everywhere / But we ignore them / Instead of knowledge / Stick fingers in our ears / Why

Facts are good for you / Corsi is not evil

Enjoy and I’ll see you next time with the near-polar opposite of this song.

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