The Hockey Project: Et Le Butt

Well, that was a fun little musical diversion, wasn’t it? Now BACK TO THE METAL. This song wasn’t the easiest to get together, but it still works despite the trepidation. I think this is one of the few songs where the words were easier to write than the music…

Musically, the song finally came together when I wrote the riff under the singing. At the time, I had everything else but clearly needed something to bridge the gap and that riff fit the bill. Outside of that, this song adheres to an assignment I gave a band in my Rock Ensemble class – each riff is only used twice at the most. Also, it was about time for me to do the “wall of guitar” thing again, wasn’t it? At its peak, there are seven guitar tracks happening at the same time.

Lyrically, this song – and the terrible pun in the title – was inspired by this:

The best part? I was at this game. Seeing a crazy goal like that in person? Come on – I had to write about it. And to fully explain the terrible pun: “Et le but!” is what French commentators say when a goal is scored. Translation: “And the goal!”

Et Le Butt

Enjoy and I’ll see you next time with a shorter yet more abrasive tune.

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