The Hockey Project: It’s Cold Out

So far in The Hockey Project, we’ve had almost exclusively metal (with the exception of maybe “Allright, That’s It”, but even that’s a tenuous grasp at best). So it’s about time for a change, isn’t it? Yeah, I thought so too. Here’s a good ol’ uptempo pop-punk tune a la Vandals. I’m not gonna lie – this was a fantastic test of speed and endurance (especially the latter) on the drums.

Lyrically, this one is simple. Oddly enough, it’s also one of the most personal songs I’ve written in quite a while. Is that saying much? Well… no. This song is about how I went to the Frozen Frontier thing and froze my butt off watching a hockey game (which proved to be wildly entertaining) in a baseball stadium. Sing along with the chorus: “Merry Christmas / Crap it’s cold out / I can’t feel my toes anymore”

It’s Cold Out

Enjoy and I’ll see you soon with the next tune.

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