The Hockey Project: Dead By December

Hello there. It’s time for a new song! And how about a song with a little more melody than the last one? This time, I kept the harsh vocals to a minimum, saving them for the end of the song.

So let’s start with the music. It’s pretty djent-tastic, if I do say so myself. The first riff is a good ol’ 3-against-4 rhythm interrupted at the end to keep it confined to four measures. Outside of that, the real noteworthy thing is the fact that the song is in B-flat – not a good key for string instruments. It’s an interesting but still worthwhile challenge to play in keys that guitars don’t like. You’d be surprised how much we guitar players rely on open strings…

As for the lyrics: This song was inspired by the notion that the bonus point in the standings for games tied after regulation actually makes it more difficult for teams out of the playoff seeds to catch up. Therefore, if a team isn’t less than 5 points out of a spot by December 1st, then they’re pretty much done. But at the end of the song, I resign myself to the fact that I’m still a fan of a team that’s well out of the playoff picture and I’ll just keep watching anyway.

Dead By December

Enjoy and I’ll see you again soon with the next track.

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