The Hockey Project: Now What

Hello again. After a bit of a recording hiatus, The Hockey Project is back on track. I’m all caught up to where I want to be, so expect a lot of music over the next month or two. NOW, on to track four!

The main riff to this song came about the way a lot of really good riffs do – completely by accident and with little to no thought. I’ve been obsessed with music in 7/4 and 7/8 time for years, so combine that obsession with the 8-string guitar and we get some new ideas on how to be heavy in compound time. I added some other riffs in different meters (including a clean section) and realized I had a bit of a winner.

Now, about the lyrics: As my friends and family know, my favorite hockey team is the Buffalo Sabres. Well, the Sabres are bad this year. Really bad. Really really really really really really bad. So bad that they were painful to watch in October. In mid-November, they fired their head coach and general manager – a move fans were clamoring for all season (or, in the case of the GM, since about 2007). This song is about those firings. Verse 1 is a fairly typical sports fan reaction while Verse 2 is the realization that wishing for somebody to lose their job is kinda weird. And then, the chorus: “Our coach was fired (now what) / GM was fired (now what) / Those guys are gone (now what) / We got what we wanted, so now what?”

Now What

Enjoy and I’ll see you soon with the next installment.

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