Edmas 2012: Christmas in 5 Minutes (And 26 Seconds)

santaball.pngWell, friends, it’s that time of year again. It’s Christmas time… and most of you know what that means. Yes, it’s time for me to dust off the ol’ Christmas music book and skewer four more songs! This year’s batch is one of the shortest I’ve ever done, only longer than the first real batch I did with Mike Huurman in 2008. Unlike last year, though, I’m way ahead of the game this time around, so I’ll update this blog with more detailed descriptions of these tracks. In the meantime, though, here’s the entire EP, free to download, in one convenient spot. Enjoy!

All of my Christmas recording traditions are here, including the harmonized guitar lead and the “holy crap” sound file… twice! This year provided its own set of unique challenges, though. Since I now live in an apartment in central Ohio, I could not use real drums this time – these drums are all as a result of Toontrack programs. Everything else is real. This batch also has a first for these things – a guest guitar solo! My friend Mike Sukhenko played the solo in “Winter Wonderland”. Thanks, Mike!

Winter Wonderland

Jolly Old St. Nicholas

Carol of the Bells

Home For the Holidays

Instrument recording and Drum programming by Ed at Thea Partment, Columbus, OH, November 2012. Vocals recorded at The House, Rochester, NY November 23-24 2012. Additional vocals on “Winter Wonderland” by Rob Klingenberger. Guitar solo on “Winter Wonderland” by Mike Sukhenko. Mike’s solo recorded in Rochester, NY. Mixed at Thea Partment, Columbus, OH.

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