It’s Been A While, Hasn’t It?

Wow…. been a while, huh? Sorry about that. I’ve been playing regularly, but I guess my job has kinda taken this stuff out of me. I’ve been coming up with all sorts of ideas and riffs, but haven’t actually taken the time to record any of it. I will, though, and soon.

NEWS PART 1: Distinct Kicking Motion will return – in fact, it looks like I have a bass player lined up! Now the hard part: finding a drummer… But the whole band idea is starting to gel even more and I hope to solidify the band and get it off the ground when I return to Rochester in the summer.

NEWS PART B: Yes, you read that right. I’m leaving my job – and central Ohio – at the end of June. So what am I gonna do? Well, I’m going to try to be my own boss. My new music education venture will start to trickle out online in the coming days/weeks/months. Stay tuned! I’ll keep you posted here.

Well, I think that’s it. See you all soon.

P.S.: Yes, I realize it’s April Fool’s Day. This is not one of those April 1 joke posts, though. Not intentionally, anyway.

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