By Request: Distinct Kicking Ringtone

One thing I like to do, as a writer, is essentially take requests. I’ve always thought that other people (musicians and non-musicians alike) have some great ideas, so I make sure to listen when somebody shares something. That’s led me to all sorts of stuff, from the opening bit on Dancing For Patriotism to the whole Bowling Is Metal album… even taking a lot of musical suggestions through the course of 30 Clubs in 30 Songs. Well, the latest instance happened when, about a week ago, I received a text message from my cousin Steve:

“Can you compose me an epic ringtone? Sayyyy 30 seconds? Maybe less?”

Well, Steve: Done and done. Here are two mixes: One as normal and one with a high pass filter at 150 Hz tailored for cell phones. Enjoy!

Distinct Kicking Ringtone

Distinct Kicking Ringtone (Cellphone Mix)

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