Distinct Kicking Motion – The Call of the Punch Bowl

Hello again. After an inexplicable week off, I’m back on the Distinct Kicking Motion… uh… kick… again. ‘Twas good to get crackin’ on some new material, I must admit. I have some good (well, I think they’re good, anyway) riffs coming down the pipeline, too, so this should be fun…

So… “The Call of the Punch Bowl”. What’s the story here? Well, it’s fairly simple. This song, like good punch, was made entirely from scratch. I booted up my recording software before I knew what I was going to play – I just said “OK, it’s time. I don’t need to take another week off. Let’s go.” The first riff that came to me was, well, the first riff. I had been doing a lot of “2 against 3” ideas, so it was well past time for a “3 against 4” riff, wasn’t it? I also decided that I was overdue for a clean section, so there it is about halfway through. Overall, I’m happy with this one. Who knows – maybe lyrics will wind up extending the thing… Anyways, enjoy and I’ll see you next time.

P.S.: Distinct Kicking Motion is now on ReverbNation. Check it out!

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