Distinct Kicking Motion – Your Mileage May Vary

Well, make that 3-for-3. This one definitely turned into a full song… and in pretty short order, too. Of course, that’s ironic because this is the longest song I’ve made since the last track from The Football Project.

I wanted to slow the tempo down a bit this time around – I tend to write mostly in the mid-to-uptempo range, so I thought a change of pace would be good. Luckily, the first riff I came up with for that was the main one, which I really liked right from the start. Unlike last week’s tune, I sort of let the proverbial muse take the song where it wanted to go… and before I knew it, this thing had cleared the six minute mark. Go figure, huh? Like the previous two tracks, this one needs words… and I think some synth/keyboard parts would work nicely here as well. However, I really like the riffs and how they all came together. Enjoy!

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