The Football Project, Week 11: Ice Packs For Everybody!

This week’s tune is… well… probably one of the strangest songs I’ve ever written. Believe me, I’ve written some weird stuff over the years, and this one is right up there. Unlike a lot of those, however, the vast bizarre-ness of this track is mostly intentional.

Let’s start with the lyrics, shall we? I think we shall. Considering last week’s tune was about getting whacked in the head, it made sense to write about team doctors this time. The fun part was writing the second “verse” (for lack of a better term) where I yelled out maladies and the doctor spewed out quick fixes (my favorite is still “get some duct tape”). Like last week, there’s an arcade game reference here, but this one is a) right off the bat and b) much more obvious.

Musically… I think the oddest part of this song is how quickly it came together. The stacking guitars at the beginning, the guitars dropping out for the second verse, the speed metal parts, the borderline-atonal chorus in 5 (needless to say, tracking the chorus vocal parts was not easy)… it just all made sense.  I wanted this song to be really uptempo and kinda hyper… and the quickness in which it was written helped accomplish that.

Finally, the chaos at the end… yeah, that was a lot of fun to record. The voices over the last chorus were improvised (no surprise there). My brother dropped by at some point yesterday, so I had him record a couple tracks as well. When he burst out laughing at the end of that bit, I knew this section was going to work… Enjoy it and I’ll see you next week with something quite different.

Ice Packs For Everybody!

One response to “The Football Project, Week 11: Ice Packs For Everybody!

  1. Thanks again, ed. Very enjoyable song.

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