The Football Project, Week 10: Scrambled Eggs

Well, here it is – the Football Project tune about getting popped in the head. I had this idea from the beginning of the season, but I wanted to save it until about halfway through… like, say, now! Our protagonist is a quarterback for a team whose game isn’t going well. On, let’s say, a third and long, he gets driven out of the pocket and sacked. After he gets drilled in the noggin, he thinks he’s a medieval knight and talks like one for the rest of the song (If you listen closely, you’ll hear a king on the left side knight him, dubbing him “Sir Back of Quarter,” in the freakout section). I guess wearing all those pads might do that to a guy…

Musically, it’s a return to the progressive rock that has been a big part of this project. The real change of pace for me, however, is the… um… change of pace. I rarely write tempo changes into my music, but this tune called for them. Combine those with the host of time changes (which, considering this is me we’re dealing with, had to happen) and we have ourselves a nice little challenge here. Ultimately, though, the end result is worth the effort and brain-wracking… and this one was actually quite fun to put together, too. Enjoy the ride and I’ll see you next week.

Scrambled Eggs

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