The Football Project, Week 12: Tryptophan

Aahhh, Thanksgiving. The one holiday where it’s completely OK to stuff yourself silly and sit around doing nothing. I also like it because it seems to serve as a day to sort of collect yourself before the insanity that is the holiday season kicks in… but I digress. So what else happens on Thanksgiving? Football! So this song is about… well… stuffing yourself silly, sitting down on the couch to watch football, and passing out on that couch while the game is still on. The tune is called “Tryptophan” in homage to the amino acid within turkey that people suspected was the culprit for making us all sleepy after the feast.

Now, in regards to the song itself… there are no words. Literally. I feel the best way for me to convey a dreamlike state is to abandon vocals and take the instrumental route. Also, about half of the tracks on the original Football Project – recorded in college on a 4-track – were instrumentals, so this project had to have at least one track without vocals. Also, I decided against repeating sections (save for the guitars in 7/4 at the beginning of the tune) in order to give the tune a sense of forward motion. At the end of the day, a LOT of guitar tracks were recorded and I’m really happy with the results. Enjoy! I’ll see you next week.


P.S.: I filmed myself recording this song and will (hopefully) have the video up within a day or two. 

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