The Blendor

Artist depiction by Adam Donnelly

This week, here’s something different: A re-recording (in the most literal of definitions – nothing from the first recording was used here) of a weird little idea I concocted four years ago. The concept came with two simple rules: 1) The songs written for the track should be no more than one minute in length (I’m pretty sure the fourth one breaks that rule), and 2) The root note of a song’s last chord has to be the same as the next song’s first chord. The goofy “superhero vs. supervillain” plot that emerged in the writing process was unintentional but unsurprising.

So here you go. Ten tiny little songs… um… blended together into one large odd thing. Strange as it is, I’ve always liked this track and I had a good time redoing the whole shebang from the ground up (adding some extra stuff while I was at it). Too bad it’s probably next to impossible to perform live, huh? Oh well. Anyways, enjoy!

The Blendor

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