FML Chronicles, Part 1: Making a Percussion Loop From Scratch

OK,  I’ll admit it – that “10 tracks six minutes or longer” thing didn’t happen. So what now? Well, I’m happy to report that in its place came an idea for a new album, which I think I will call “FML”. The concept behind this album will be a day in the life of that person we all know who always seems to find reasons to complain. You know, that person who, say, clogs your Facebook/Twitter feed with constant missives on how much their life sucks. It’s already shaping up to be brutally heavy, quite complex, and probably the most manic album I’ve ever made. Should be fun!

I’m planning on posting some demos here as I piece this album together. I’m still fairly early in the writing process, but there’s enough to start demoing. This particular bit is an idea for a piano driven section near the end of the album. I wanted a unique drum loop to work underneath the simple piano bit, so I got to work recording three different patterns on three objects that were never intended to be musical instruments. The “bass drum” playing quarter notes is a suitcase played with a bass drum pedal. The sound on the left is a big ol’ metal lid played in a 3/16 pattern with a rubber mallet I got with a cheap little brass gong. Lastly, the sound on the right is a “2 + 3” 5/8 pattern played with a drum stick on a thick cardboard tube used for mailing posters. The three distinct patterns came together to make what I think is a really neat loop. Last thing: This was all recorded – piano included – on Reaper with a Yeti Pro microphone. NEW TOYS!

Enjoy this little taste and let me know what you think.

FML Evening Loop

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