I Don’t Want to Miss a Mang

What’s this? Another song about baseball?! YES!… kind of. The big off-season drama unfolding in St. Louis surrounding Albert Pujols’ next contract has practically spiraled out of control simply by just sitting there. The situation caused one area writer to ask for a song called “I Don’t Want to Miss a Mang”. My friend Brian nominated me and suggested a metal song for this occasion. Well, far be it from me to pass up an idea like that…

This one was a bit of a workout for me (It’s always good to get the double kick chops back into shape, though). The idea was to make this an old school-style thrash metal tune, going back to Judas Priest/Motorhead days (but with growled/shouted vocals instead of actual singing). Since this is far from the first (or the last) big star athlete contract issue, I decided to make the words “explicitly vague” – the subject matter is clear, but no actual person is named. Incidentally, you’ll hear a reference to a certain Aerosmith song in the ending… Enjoy!

I Don’t Want to Miss a Mang

Picture from JoeSportsFan’s Tailgate

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