30 Clubs in 30 Songs: San Francisco

Before I get to the heart of the post, I must disclose something: I hopped on the San Francisco bandwagon as a kid when they went to the World Series in 1989. I was eight years old, they were winning, and Will Clark and Matt Williams seemed really cool. Hell, Matt Williams was one of my favorite players for a while. But I don’t follow them like that anymore – haven’t for a while. Kinda hard to keep tabs on a team on the other side of the country, you know?

Now, about the song: The music is straight-up thrash metal, as it should be. A lot of early 80’s thrash bands either formed in San Francisco or eventually called the city home… like, say, Metallica. The weird twist at the end is a tribute to Huey Lewis & The News, a band I used to hear a lot as a kid and I consider to be the best bar band you’ve ever heard in your life. The lyrics to this song are about throwing and catching things. Simply put, this team can PITCH… which sorta dictates the subject matter in this case. The first verse is about plunking, which is frankly just me goofing off. Of course, one could say I’ve been goofing off this entire project… which is true, but that’s beside the point. Enjoy!

San Francisco

Next up: Seattle (Friday), St. Louis (Next “Friday” (probably Thursday))

The proprietor of this blog does not condone the practice of plunking batters in real life. He does, however, highly condone said practice in baseball video games.

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