30 in 30 Off-Days: AAAARRRRR

I like this whole “Tuesday and Friday” posting schedule here. HOWEVER, since posting two songs a week would end this project far earlier than it should, I have decided to post some random extra tracks on the weeks where I only post one song. This series of posts, called “Off-Days”, will highlight all sorts of stuff. Different mixes, previews of upcoming songs, music completely unrelated to 30 in 30… it’ll all be in here.

Pittsburgh was not my first recording that featured a bunch of pirates sitting around being… well… pirates. The first of this kind actually happened in my first Baseball Project in 2005, which is what I have put in this post. The enclosed tune here was sort of an experiment. For this track, there was no written script – I just knew how it was going to end and I just improvised until that point. This process was a lot of fun and I think that comes through in the finished product. (For the record: the percussion tracks consist of a tambourine, a glass bottle played with a pencil, and multiple tracks of me slamming my hands on a computer desk.)

Invasion of The Swashbucklers

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