The Man With The ‘Stache

Spring training is here! Finally! If you don’t follow baseball, pitchers and catchers report starting today to get ready for the upcoming season. So to celebrate, here’s a tune from one of my baseball projects… that just happens to be about a catcher! A little backstory: The catcher in question has a glorious fu manchu mustache and he was playing in Philadelphia a few years ago. That season, he was traded to New York, meaning the ‘stache had to go (mustache aficionados may or may not have been weeping openly). The next season, my buddy Mike and I were talking about that at a minor-league game when we realized… “Hey! There he is!” He was playing for Toronto’s top farm team and the ‘stache was back! The chorus was written when I returned home from the game and the rest of the song was written the next day.

Me on everything. From The Baseball Project 3. Recorded in 2007.

The Man With The ‘Stache

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