Who Cares About the Game? It’s Nice Out!

Since spring training is underway, I suppose it’s time to delve into the baseball-themed archives. The Baseball Projects took place once a month during the season (April through October), with two extra tunes (All-Star Break, World Series) to bring up the track count to nine (highly appropriate for baseball). This tune – written when it was really nice out in May, which can be a bit of an anomaly for Rochester, New York – allowed me to experiment with two new things. Those things were a guitar toy (the melody/solo is played with a slide) and a common tuning that I had never tried before (Open-D tuning. Low to high: D A D F# A D). The results were better than I initially expected and I’m happy to share them.

Guitars, production by me. From The Baseball Project 2. Recorded in 2006.

Who Cares About The Game? It’s Nice Out!

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