Overload! Overload!!

A musician joke:

Q: What’s the last thing a drummer says before he gets kicked out of a band?

A: “Hey, how about trying one of my songs?”

What does that joke have to do with today’s post? Simple – I survived it! I pitched this song to the guys in Smock… and they accepted it! Not only that, but we routinely play it live AND it made the cut for the band’s full length album! What you find here is the demo I made for the rest of the band. It’s slightly on the rough side, but that’s to be expected, really. The subject matter is simple – the first verse is about having a sugar high, the rest of the song is about having a sugar hangover. When I play the song by myself, I change the holiday in the bridge, depending on where we are in the calendar.

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Overload! Overload!!

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