Happy Friday! Today, we celebrate with a quick tune from my power pop band Smock’s back catalog. This tune is a quick little number written in February of 2003 by guitarist Dan and myself. If memory serves me correctly, we finished and demoed it in his dormitory the day after we staged a gig in its common area (Dan was an RA at the time, so the gig was legit). The version heard here is the most recent recording of the song, made in July 2007. Easiest recording ever – two microphones placed overhead in a stereo pair and that’s it. This is as natural as it gets.

Credits: Written by Dan Bell and Ed Klingenberger. Dan Bell – Lead vocal, guitar. Pete Johnson – guitar. Adam Donnelly – vocals. Ed Klingenberger – percussion, vocals, recording engineer


3 responses to “Tonight

  1. Nice. Thanks for that addition to my workday.

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  3. I always liked this one. Good stuff Ed.

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