Ackib Bittik Gadib Part III: This Time It’s Personal

What better way to follow up a quick uptempo ditty than with a track longer than the entirety of “Christmas In 5 Minutes (And 16 Seconds)”? The following is the title cut – and by far my favorite song – from the lone album credited to Ith. Recorded in 2005, this was an album that made fun of nü-metal* but still contained an inordinate number of prog-type flourishes (you’ll hear that through all the time changes in this track). But, on a larger scale, the project set the stage for a lot of material I’ve written since then and, ultimately, the foundation of …Of Doom!. Production, mixing, all instruments: Me.

Ackib Bittik Gadib part III: This Time It’s Personal

*Here’s how the lyric writing process worked for this album: If I wrote a line and laughed at it, I kept it.

One response to “Ackib Bittik Gadib Part III: This Time It’s Personal

  1. OK, seriously? Mind = BLOWN.

    Should I decide to take the chance? What do I have to lose? I want to make my move Tuesday night too!

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