Ow! My Dignity!

Here is what happens when you throw a serious curveball or two into what is otherwise a fairly simple pop-type song. This song was written in July 2007 for the album “Dancing For Patriotism” (the entire album except for the hidden track was written at that time). I arranged this to fit in the disc’s overall musical picture a la the song “Unretrofied” on Dillinger Escape Plan’s “Miss Machine” record. I was on a big Dillinger Escape Plam kick throughout the writing process for “Dancing For Patriotism”, which lent itself to creating some “where’s the calculator?” parts like the one found in the bridge to this song.

Drums recorded by Rich Wattie at Montage Music Hall in Rochester, NY. Everything else recorded by me at home. All instruments and mixing by me.

Ow! My Dignity!

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