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Song Fu 2012, Prompt #4: So That’s It, Then

Woah… OK. SO… Where in the world did I go?! Well, glad you asked. Shortly after I finished recording the Football Project finale, I got a job in – and moved to – Columbus, Ohio. With my uprooting and settling in to a new job/life, writing songs and recording stuff took a back seat… so much so that I missed two Song Fu prompts and got this one in almost a full week late! But I think I’m finally starting to relax a bit, so here we are, back on the Song Fu horse (proverbially speaking)!

The fourth prompt was to write a song about “your last day of work”. Well, hmm… I just got a new job, so there’s not much worth talking about there, unless I took it literally and meant the last day I had at work before I wrote it. That would’ve been a weird song about trying to get kids to play piano, so I scrapped that idea. But what I came up with instead was the most personal song I’ve written in years. This song is based on a true story – one day (about ten years ago), I went to work only to find that my workplace had been shut down for good. No warning or anything – just gone. The lights were on, there was some random business card on the floor, but the place was completely locked up and I didn’t have a key. I ultimately didn’t lose a whole lot of sleep over it – I was getting sick of the job and I was about to go back to college anyway – but the sudden change of employment was still quite a shock.

Musically, this was definitely inspired by the Jethro Tull song “Wond’ring Aloud”. But, I used an electric guitar here as the additional instrument because I don’t have a piano or a string quartet at my disposal. That musical inspiration is also the impetus behind the seemingly out of place final lyric of the song. Enjoy!

So That’s It, Then

Song Fu 2012, Prompt #1: Living Glow Thing

Hey, look, a new thing! New for 2012, a site called “FRED” is running an idea called Song Fu – basically, an idea per month to get the creative juices flowing. I’ve always really liked the idea, so I had to try it this time around (more info here:

The first prompt: Write a song about bioluminescence. “What in the…?!” Well, after doing some research – i.e.: looking up the word in a dictionary – The ideas started forming and I had a title and some chord changes pretty quickly. From there, the rest of the song wrote itself… eventually.

Living Glow Thing