Song Fu 2012, Prompt #4: So That’s It, Then

Woah… OK. SO… Where in the world did I go?! Well, glad you asked. Shortly after I finished recording the Football Project finale, I got a job in – and moved to – Columbus, Ohio. With my uprooting and settling in to a new job/life, writing songs and recording stuff took a back seat… so much so that I missed two Song Fu prompts and got this one in almost a full week late! But I think I’m finally starting to relax a bit, so here we are, back on the Song Fu horse (proverbially speaking)!

The fourth prompt was to write a song about “your last day of work”. Well, hmm… I just got a new job, so there’s not much worth talking about there, unless I took it literally and meant the last day I had at work before I wrote it. That would’ve been a weird song about trying to get kids to play piano, so I scrapped that idea. But what I came up with instead was the most personal song I’ve written in years. This song is based on a true story – one day (about ten years ago), I went to work only to find that my workplace had been shut down for good. No warning or anything – just gone. The lights were on, there was some random business card on the floor, but the place was completely locked up and I didn’t have a key. I ultimately didn’t lose a whole lot of sleep over it – I was getting sick of the job and I was about to go back to college anyway – but the sudden change of employment was still quite a shock.

Musically, this was definitely inspired by the Jethro Tull song “Wond’ring Aloud”. But, I used an electric guitar here as the additional instrument because I don’t have a piano or a string quartet at my disposal. That musical inspiration is also the impetus behind the seemingly out of place final lyric of the song. Enjoy!

So That’s It, Then

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