Backwards Rock: dionaraP

I had to tackle this one, didn’t I?! This classic early metal song was just screaming for the backwards treatment. In fact, I went beyond what I normally do for this one – instead of one riff from the song, I did two. So, here you go: The introduction and the first verse (without the words) to “Paranoid”… backwards.


One thing I have been doing on my Instagram is I’ve been posting quick videos of me recording the guitar parts to these little experiments of mine. When I went back and watched the video of me recording this song, I realized I had played the intro wrong. Oops! So, within the week of posting that video, I went back and redid the guitars. In retrospect, I’m glad I did that… Also, I tried to keep the feel of the rhythm section as close to the original as I could. Bill Ward (drums), in particular, has such a unique style for metal that I couldn’t help but try to mimic it. Enjoy, let me know what you think, and I’ll see you next time.

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