The Football Project, Week 15: Archaic Rules and Paid Programming

Hey, yeah – the Football Project! Don’t worry, I wasn’t neglecting it. It just took a slight back seat to the Christmas music, that’s all. So technically this is a day late, but hey – better than nothing, right?

The musical explanation is simple: I like speed metal. I don’t know if I’m particularly good at it, but I like to partake in it every now and then… like, say, this week! It’s a little raw in spots, but I like it anyway – makes me think of more old school thrash that way.

The lyrics to this one were inspired by recent events around this area where I live. For the second time this season, this past week’s Buffalo home game did not sell out. Therefore, by football rules, the game is blacked out in the team’s local market. I was bummed… mostly because I knew full well that game had the potential to be really entertaining (for the wrong reasons, yes, but still…)! Oh well – there’s always next year, I guess… Enjoy the speed metal and I’ll see you next week.

Archaic Rules and Paid Programming

2 responses to “The Football Project, Week 15: Archaic Rules and Paid Programming

  1. I was afraid the NFL lost out this week. Glad I was wrong. I enjoyed it.

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