The Football Project, Week 14: Paradigm Shift

Well, after a fun little diversion, it’s back to the heavy stuff this week. Lyrically, this one is simple. This song here – as the title may suggest – centers around a football guy who decides to make a change… so he – gasp! – turns the TV off and goes outside. That’s really it. Throw in a few big words to go with the overall feel of the song and we’re good to go!

Musically, this is heavily inspired by an album I recently picked up and loved from the start. The album is called “Traced in Air,” the second release from the band Cynic. In order to get a more accurate depiction, I did take a copy of the main vocal track and shifted the pitch up an octave (but I buried it in the mix more than Cynic does, so there’s that). Also, it turns out I can, in fact, still play some haulin’ double kick drum parts! That’s always good to know, isn’t it? And, as a final note, I think this guitar solo is a personal best for me. Enjoy! See you next week.

Paradigm Shift

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